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mystikravyn in ravensmovies

Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs
Release Date: March 2 2007 (USA)

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This is one of those movies I wish I could get 2 hours of my life back.  It started out mildly funny.  Then became a little more funny as they got on the road. Then just went downhill fast.  Them camping and swimming were the best parts of the movie and the rest was crap. 

You have  a group of middle aged guys decked out in their Harley gear set out on the road for a discover America adventure.  They run into some real bikers who hate posers like them (and I don't blame them) and the SHTF.  It was way to long and drawn out and I didn't even watch the last 15-20 mins or so of it. Bad storyline. Bad acting (Travolta was the only good one of the bunch). Just a bad movie all around.  Watch the trailer, all the funny parts are there.  The rest of the movie is filler.